Seven Predicts Fragrance Trends for 2015/16

Seven Scent predicts the return of oud, the enduring popularity of rose and a focus on leather notes in 2015–2016 autumn/winter fragrance collections.

  • Oud: returning after a short absence, this note delivers a rich, musty, woody-nutty scent to create a sultry Middle Eastern backdrop to compositions.
  • Rose: making an appearance for the fourth consecutive autumn/winter, rose is distinguished by its eternal femininity and used to add powdery, fruity or woody notes to a scent.
  • Leather: evident in both masculine and feminine fragrances, a leather note provides smoothness, warmth and even an animalistic quality.

Seven also has revealed it own unique interpretation of these trends with three new concepts created around distinct fragrance stories; each are tailored for either a male or female audience:

  • Nomadic Winterland: a blend of rich, oriental, woody and spicy notes evokes a world of fairy tale fantasy and nomadic journeys.
  • Illuminated Minerals: sheer, metallic, cool aldehydes and transparent florals create a youthful vibe and calming influence.
  • Cubic Color: celebrating the world of color in a futuristic fusion of fruity florals and contrasting citrus and spicy notes.
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