Pantene Celebrates African American Hair with New Collection


Pantene has launched the newest ad in its “Strong is Beautiful” campaign, this time celebrating the diversity and importance of African American hair.

The brand states that it is committed to better serving the hair needs of African American consumers and has created the Pantene Gold Series, a collection designed for textured hair that was co-created with a team of African American PhDs, scientists, stylists and dermatologists. The eight products are intended for women with relaxed, natural and transitioning hair.

Jodi Allen, vice president of hair care for North America at Procter & Gamble, stated, “We believe that all strong hair is beautiful, whether it’s straight, or curly, natural or in a protective style. Pantene has the power and voice to take action, spark conversations, and motivate a change in perceptions. We recognize the importance for African American women to feel confident wearing their hair in any style they choose, and we’re celebrating their strength in doing so.”

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