New Avon LLC Announces President of Social Selling


New Avon continues to put its key team members in place.

Betty Palm has worked with many different companies throughout her lifetime, giving insight to the company. Reporting directly under the CEO, Scott White, she will oversee all aspects of recruiting, training and incentivizing representatives of Avon on the leadership team.

Palm has much experience with the direct-selling industry and founded her own strategic consulting firm, the B. Palm Group, which specialized in direct-selling. She has been consulting Avon for the last several months with her firm.

“Reinvigorating the Representative experience is the key to making New Avon the best social selling company and beauty brand in North America,” said CEO, Mr. White. “By aligning the sales organization under a seasoned direct-selling expert like Betty, we will accelerate decision making and simplify processes. Betty has already had a tremendous impact on New Avon, and I look forward to working with her to empower our Representatives, enhance their ability to serve customers and improve their earnings opportunity.”

“Since beginning my career at Avon over 30-years ago, I have long admired this iconic brand, and I’m honored to evolve my consulting role into a full time position leading the sales organization," said Palm. “Throughout the last few months, I’ve gotten to know many of the Representatives and I am excited about the enormous potential that exists at New Avon because of them. I am committed to driving the changes necessary to ensure that each and every Representative is best positioned to succeed at New Avon.”

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