WWP's New Sustainability Head, EWG Offerings, ISCC PLUS Status

WWP Beauty's ultimate goal is to help every beauty brand find its path to achieving cleaner beauty.
WWP Beauty's ultimate goal is to help every beauty brand find its path to achieving cleaner beauty.

WWP Beauty has appointed Michael Tognetti to lead WWP Beauty’s sustainability initiatives in his new role as senior director, global sustainability, and chairman of WWP Beauty’s circular committee.

Tognetti has already begun partnering and aligning the company with earth-minded organizations that include: a membership with the United Nations (UN) Global Compact and the Sustainable Packaging Coalition (SPC), and a community member for the Ellen MacArthur Foundation.

The company's core six R's of sustainability now include: reduce, reuse, recycle, replace, respect and rebirth.

Tognetti said: "We added ‘rebirth’ to our sustainability ‘R’s’ because it represents our commitment as a company to finding solutions that truly promote circularity.”  

In addition, WWP Beauty will now offer its customers EWG Verified formulations and has been awarded an ISCC PLUS Certification, allowing the WWP Beauty Tai Caing manufacturing facility to create eco-friendly, crystal-clear and recyclable packaging that can directly replace SAN and ABS. 

The company will now be offering the following materials to its customers: ocean plastics, reusable and recyclable PET, high-performance barrier and eco-friendly paper tubes, as well as upcycled plastic-free packaging solutions featuring compostable, plant-based waste materials with significant carbon footprint reductions, including the Zero+, Eco-Infinity and Molded Paper technologies.

Josh Kirschbaum, CEO of WWP Beauty, said: "At WWP Beauty, we are deeply committed to creating a positive and purposeful impact on our world—both through our product offerings and the organizations we support and partner with. We understand that creating purpose takes more than one company, and we are proud to align and stand with these organizations, working together to pave the way to a more sustainable future."

Musa Dias, CMO of WWP Beauty, said: “Throughout 2021, WWP Beauty has been committed to developing new, sustainable solutions with numerous launches of innovative collections that promote circular beauty.” 

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