Color Cosmetic Brands Should Leave Virtual Reality to the Retailers


As many as 7% of color cosmetic brands have launched some version of virtual makeover app to allow consumers to try various looks and shades whenever they want and wherever they are. The good news: consumers love virtual reality (VR) apps. The bad news: they want brand-agnostic experiences.

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This is the conclusion of a recent L2 analysis examining the state of VR in the color cosmetics space. According to the findings, recent launches such as Sephora's Sephora + Pantone Color IQ and Pocket Contour provide virtual looks across brands.

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L2 concludes, "Given how fast Sephora is moving in virtual makeup testing, brands may be better poised to work with the retailer to be featured in its tools rather than create their own ... What is truly helpful about the app – and can potentially stave off consumer cynicism – is that it is brand agnostic. Instead of clicking on brands and beautiful packaging, consumers choose shades to try on based on color."



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