Retail Perfumers Respond to New Digital Luxury Environment

The European Federation of Retail Perfumers (FEPD) has named William Koeberlé, current president of the French Federation of Selective Perfumery, as its president as well, succeeding Robert Leygues.

According to the organization, "FEPD represents 21 countries of the European Union in the field of retail trade of perfume and cosmetics."

The FEPD explains the dual presidency for Koeberlé thusly, "The modernization of the selective distribution agreement must allow to redefine the environment of luxury goods in the digital world, including by taking into account the criteria of the customer experience in digital mode."

Koeberlé noted, "In a market shaken by the rise of digital and very low growth, two priorities will be at the heart of my actions: the modernization of the selective distribution contract and deepening of the training system. With mobile clients and brands that operate internationally, this double presidency should allow better use our positions from one country to another."

Additional officers include:

  • Andrea Malinverno, Figliaro, Italy - Vice President
  • Klaus Kobberger, Frankfurt, Germany - Vice President
  • Hans Martin Hittaller, Voitsberg, Austria - Vice President
  • Joseph Demesmacre, Brussels, Belgium - Advisor, Brussels and Benelux
  • Dieter Wolf, Frankfurt, Germany - Honorary President
  • Jasmine Petiot, Paris, France - Secretary General
  • Barbara Summerer, Andernach, Germany - Secretary General Secretary
  • Elmar Keldenich, Dusseldorf, Germany - Director

The elected members of the General Assembly include:

  • William Koeberlé, President of the FFPS
  • Marie-Christine Marchives (Sephora France), Vice-President of the FFPS
  • Jasmine Petiot, Vice President-Treasurer FFPS
  • Isabelle Parize (Nocibé Group)
  • Eileen Yeo (Marionnaud Perfume)
  • Caroline Fournier (Galeries Lafayette)
  • Charlotte Tasset (Spring)
  • Philippe Charoing (Beauty Success)
  • Laurence Ritz (Perfume Art and Beauty) 
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