Tribe Dynamics Names the Beauty Brands with the Most Earned Media Value


When it comes to the beauty industry, reaching and engaging consumers via social media and vlogs is vital to the success of many brands. Tribe Dynamics has announced the top cosmetic, skin and hair care brands with the highest earned media value (EMV)— a "metric that quantifies the estimated value of publicity gained through digital earned media and their respective engagement levels."

According to Tribe, a specific dollar amount is assigned to each piece of content. The dollar amount is based on the perceived value of digital word-of-mouth to brands within the industry. Brands can reportedly use EMV as a way to allow for benchmarking across marketing activities and across brands. 

Tribe's Top 10 Skin Care Brands 

  • Tatcha's EMV grew 139% YoY to reach $4.86 million;
  • Farsali's EMV decreased by 6% YoY to reach $3.4 million; 
  • Lush's EMV grew 7% YoY to reach $3 million;
  • Olay's EMV grew 65% YoY to $2.7 million;
  • Loving Tan's EMV decreased by 15% YoY to reach $2.66 million;
  • Sol De Janeiro's EMV grew 528% YoY to reach $2.66 million;
  • Glamglow's EMV decreased by 26% YoY to reach $2.6 million;
  • Clinique's EMV grew by 85% YoY to reach $2.56 million; 
  • Kiehl's EMV grew by 1% YoY to reach $2.3 million; and 
  • Drunk Elephant's EMV grew by 261% YoY to reach $2.17 million.

Tribe's Top 10 Hair Care Brands 

  • Brazilian Bond Builder's EMV grew 22% YoY to reach $6.16 million,
  • Olaplex's EMV grew 25% YoY to reach $5.4 million,
  • Redken's EMV grew 33% YoY to reach $4.7 million,
  • Matrix's EMV grew 373% YoY to reach $3.76 million,
  • Schwarzkopf Professional's EMV grew 63% YoY to reach $3.36 million,
  • Pulp Riot's EMV decreased by 25% YoY to reach $3.19 million,
  • Pantene's EMV grew 30% YoY to reach $3.1 million,
  • Oribe's EMV grew 92% YoY to reach $2.76 million, 
  • L'Oréal Professionnel's EMV grew 42% YoY to reach $2.7 million, and 
  • Ouai's EMV grew 2% YoY to reach $2.29 million. 

Tribe's Top 10 Cosmetic Brands

  • Anastasia Beverly Hills' EMV decreased by 21% YoY to reach $64.5 million, 
  • MAC's EMV decreased by 19% YoY to reach $54.77 million, 
  • Morphe's EMV grew by 7% YoY to reach $42.65 million, 
  • Huda Beauty's EMV grew by 62% YoY to reach $42.2 million, 
  • Benefit's EMV grew by 4% YoY to reach $41.5 million, 
  • tarte's EMV decreased by 13% YoY to reach $37.95 million, 
  • Urban Decay's EMV decreased by 15% YoY to reach $35.37 million,
  • NYX Professional Makeup's EMV decreased by 23% YoY to reach $33.45 million,
  • Too Faced's EMV grew by 0% YoY to reach $30.4 million, and
  • Maybelline's EMV decreased by 7% YoY to reach $26.36. 
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