Surprise Party for Caroline Neville’s 20th Anniversary


Caroline Neville, CEW UK’s president, celebrated her 20 year anniversary at the Victoria Embankment in London. Carlotta Jacobson, president of CEW, and Lisa Klein, senior vice president, travelled to London to celebrate with the rest of the company. Neville believed that she was attending a presentation by CEW but was overwhelmed when she was presented with a cake, champagne and gift from Lalique.

Jacobson said, “We have come to London to honor Caroline for the fine job she has carried out on behalf of CEW UK and the whole of the CEW organization. We are full of admiration for the excellent program she puts together with her small team, and the vibrant growth of the UK membership. Through her impeccable connections, built up over a many years, and acute sense of what is important to the industry, she has built a first class organization.”

Neville responded, “From the very beginning in 1992 when I first engaged with CEW as a founding member, I was always passionate about its reason for being. It has given women in the industry a voice and platform, long before it became fashionable. We have championed so many women, supported young entrepreneurs and their brands, highlighted creativity and innovation in product, tabled and debated so many issues that are relevant to the beauty industry overall. That is why CEW has become the most powerful voice in the beauty industry today. Under our new Chairman we will explore and co-create a dynamic ongoing programme for our members which will meet their needs in this every changing industry and world.”

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