Get Your Summer Brow Bronzing On


What it is: elke’s Bronze Brow Summer Collection

Claims: The Lash and Brow Thickener & Primer helps set brow color, thicken brow/lash hairs and control unruly brow hairs. The Brow Concealer Pencil is a waterproof pencil rich with natural wax to glide smoothly under the brow. This product helps eyes appear larger and defines the brow line. The Smudge Brush, specifically designed to go with the Brow Concealer smudges and blends both above and below the brow. The Hi-Light Brow Shadow provides a golden shimmer to both the face and body. The product is great when used as a shimmering highlighter.

Ingredient Highlights: Dye and fragrance free, paraben free, waterproof, contains candelilla for extra water resistance, infused with vitamin E antioxidants, 100 percent synthetic, cruelty free, vegan and hypoallergenic. 

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